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Total cases and deaths in Cambodia


Daily laboratory samples and confirmed cases by IPC


Daily overview of laboratory tests (excl. special events) by IPC


Age according to diagnosis


Age pyramid of confirmed cases


Proportion of symptomatic among confirmed cases

The COVID-19 Cambodia Dashboard is set up under the auspice of the Ministry of Health (MOH) and it is coordinated by the Emergency Operational Center (EOC) based at the Cambodian Communicable Disease Control Department (CDC).

A surveillance report is edited daily by the Cambodian CDC. Please use this official surveillance report for public communication.
This dashboard is to support the emergency operational teams and their partners.

Accountable contacts:

  • Cambodian Communicable Disease Control Department lead: Dr LY Sovann
  • WHO Incident Manager: Dr RASANATHAN Kumanan and Dr KHALAKDINA Asheena
  • EOC Coordinator: Dr KRANG Sidonn
  • EOC support function: the US CDC (Dr KINZER Michael H.), WHO (Dr IENG Vanra), IPC (Mr CHHIM Srean)
  • Institut Pasteur du Cambodge (IPC) Virology Unit Head (COVID National Referral Laboratory): Dr DUSSART Philippe and Deputy Head: Dr DUONG Veasna
  • NIPH Laboratory Head: Dr CHAU Darapheak
  • IPC Epidemiology Deputy Head: Dr LY Sowath
  • IRD - UMR Espace-Dev for dashboard development: Dr HERBRETEAU Vincent and Dr GIROND Florian (based at IPC)

Data sources:

The COVID-19 Cambodia Dashboard includes:
  • Data from hospital/community surveillance AND/OR investigation around laboratory-confirmed cases (coordinated by EOC)
  • Laboratory results: swab samples from all suspected cases notified to the MOH by a designated laboratory (currently, only IPC results are reported in the dashboard)
  • Special events are not included, knowing all people were tested negative: Westerdam (n=1578), World Dream (n=36) and Avalon (n=41). Including these special events, a total of 830762 persons have been tested so far by IPC
  • Only first positive swab samples of new laboratory confirmed cases are reported (cases might remain positive during subsequent samples)
  • Negative cases also include cases that were previously tested positive (recovered cases with subsequent samples)
  • Discharge are people that have recovered and have ended their isolation period